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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions under which Muckypups pte ltd offer our services to you. 

By making a booking, payment and using any of our services (e.g. attending a class/event or use of the booking form) you agree to accept and abide by these terms and conditions.  Services:  Muckypups pte ltd (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) provide creative classes for early years children. We agree to provide services (i.e classes and events) by the following terms and conditions. These terms, together with our online booking form, specifying dates to which your booking relates, form the contract between us and you. Muckypups deliver classes to the highest standard of service and your safety is our main concern. 



Bookings are made and paid for by you online through the booking platform ‘Bookwhen’. Class tickets must be paid for in full upon time of booking via the secure booking system with a credit card or paynow. We cannot accept cash in class. Once payment has been made, in full, you will receive an email booking confirmation of your place in class and the dates included in your booking. It is your responsibility to check the dates and venue have been correctly selected. 



A Muckypups Trial class ticket is for new clients and is sold as a 1 class ticket on a specified date with limited places. Only ONE trial class can be booked for each child.  



A Muckypups Drop-in class ticket is sold as a 1 class ticket on a specified date and places are limited.   



A Muckypups Monthly/Term ticket is sold as a calendar month/course of classes (fees are pro-rata if you book part way through the month/term). Once confirmed you will be allocated a weekly place in that class for the calendar month/term (the same time and venue each week). Please bring along to class your receipt/copy of receipt for proof of purchase.  



Regrettably we are unable to refund for any missed classes during the course/class ticket you paid for and are also not able carry over a class to a future date. While we are unable to give refunds we are very happy for you to offer your place to a friend (who also has a child) to the session if you know you are unable to attend. You would need to inform your Class Leader in this instance.  We cannot offer discounts or refunds to cover your booked holidays due to the need to ensure continuity of service.  . On occasions we may have to change the timing of a class or venue and if a class becomes too small to run we may have to merge classes. If this happens you will be informed of the options available for you.  



If a class is cancelled by the Class Leader you will be informed of the options available to you.



We like you taking pictures or videos of your children having fun during our sessions, provided it does not interfere with the class. In addition, please always be sensitive of taking pictures & ensure that others are not in your photos/videos without gaining their permission. If you are asked to stop, please do respect the rights of others.  Muckypups will ask for your specific consent before taking any photographs during classes and may occasionally also seek your permission to use any photographs.  Muckypups forbids the right to reproduce any part of our classes or events in any form without our consent. Any person suspected of recording or photographing the classes for any purpose will be asked to stop and leave the session.  



Muckypups classes follow specific checks of the venues & equipment to ensure they are clean and safe.   All children are the responsibility of the parent/carer who is accompanying them and they must be supervised at all times and not left unattended. The Class Leader cannot be responsible for a child at any time. Older siblings cannot attend unless discussed, in advance, with the Class Leader and invited. 



• At all times please follow the instructions of your Class Leader, including those relating to guidelines imposed by the venue or other authorities. 

• Only one accompanying adult is allowed to attend the class per child.  

• All participants are asked to wash hands before and after class.  

• Parents and children should remove shoes whilst in the class. 

• Please refrain from using mobile phones during the class. 

• Please keep chat to a minimum during the session, so the children get the full benefit. 

• If your child is disrupting the group, or is in any way harming other children, we kindly ask that the adult responsible for them remove the child from the 

  group until said behaviour has stopped. 

• Muckypups reserves the right not to allow a child or parent/carer to return to class if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.   

• Please bring only healthy children to class. You/The carer and your child should remain at home if either of you have had a fever, vomited, or had 

  diarrhoea within the past 48 hours or are exhibiting contagious symptoms (not limited to Covid, chicken pox, measles, impetigo, ear infection, conjunctivitis, 

  Hand foot and mouth disease, Norovirus). 

• We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the class if we feel that the child or adult is too ill to participate.  

• While Muckypups makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your child, you agree by attending a Muckypups class that you

assume any risk (including arising from any negligence of other class participants) of using the facility and its equipment and engaging in the activities of 

Muckypups. This includes any risk of Covid exposure/infection.  


DATA PROTECTION  The information on the booking form contains personal data.  Muckypups will record, process, and keep your personal information secure in accordance with Data Protection laws. Your personal information will not be passed onto any third party.    



By confirming, paying for and attending a Muckypups class you acknowledge, understand and agree to the following: You waive and release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge Muckypups Pte Ltd  and its owners, agents, employees, Directors and/or other persons or entities acting on its behalf, of and from any and all claims, demands, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, known or unknown, in law or equity, that you or your child ever had or may have arising from or in any way related to the child’s participation in any of the activities conducted by Muckypups Pte ltd. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Muckypups Pte ltd from any and all liability for any property damage, loss or personal injury (including without limitation, cuts, bruises, rashes, sickness, injury or death) to any third party.  Other items: This agreement is governed by Singapore Law. 

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