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Please find our most commonly asked questions here, or contact us for more information.

  • Can I bring 2 adults to the class with my child?
    Our general rule is one adult per child in the class. Some of the venues are smaller in size, and it would be a squeeze to accommodate too many people. In the Playgym venues, the ticket only applies to one child with one adult – these venues would charge a fee at the entrance for a second adult. In all cases, we would recommend emailing the teacher of the class to enquire regarding an additional adult.
  • Can I do a trial class?
    Absolutely! Simply click on the link on the website to book a trial. Your first Muckypups class is always a trial at all venues.
  • Can I bring a sibling to the class?
    Siblings will be charged as an attending child. However, at some holiday times, older siblings can attend if they are only watching. Siblings are welcome at the playgyms but will be charged an entrance fee by the venue, and must be supervised by an adult.
  • Can I join mid-term/mid-month?
    Yes, all monthly/termly tickets are pro-rata.
  • How do I find my nearest class?
    Please click on the map links on the website to view the maps of the class locations.
  • What happens in a typical class?
    All Muckypups classes are uniquely designed with fun in mind, providing age-appropriate learning experiences that vary in each class. Toddler sessions are interactive and explore a different theme every week through creative play – with songs, games, stories, bubbles, fabulous art projects, painting, and messy play. Mini Muckypups is a playful sensory class full of new creative experiences for babies. We explore – with songs, music, stories, bubbles, and messy play. Mandarin Muckypups is a bilingual session where we learn some Mandarin language through creative play – with songs, stories, bubbles, games, crafts, painting, and messy play.
  • How long is the free play in the playgym venues?
    Each playgym venue offers a minimum of one hour of free play before or after the Muckypups class.
  • Are there classes during holiday periods?
    Yes, we do run a limited number of classes during most holiday periods.
  • As a parent, will I also benefit?
    Yes! It's a great opportunity to spend some one-to-one time with your child, to learn some lovely songs and activities, to have someone else clean up the mess made, and also to make new friends and socialise
  • How old does my child need to be to join a class?
    Mini Muckypups baby sensory - 4-14 months (pre-walkers). Toddler & Mandarin Muckypups - 1-3 year olds (from walking).
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