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The Muckypups Experience

Everything you need to know about our fabulous Muckypups Classes

A Parent and baby sat together on the floor painting

What to Expect in a Muckypups Class

Messy play is proven to enhance a child’s all round development, as they play, they learn through experimentation and discovery.


Muckypups Classes are each 45 minutes long and are parent/carer accompanied. The age range of our classes is between 4 months and 3 years. See here for details.

Each class:

  • Follows the same, effective structure to provide a secure and familiar environment for young children, who thrive on routine.

  • Incorporates a different themed class each week such as cars, dinosaurs or bugs.

  • Involves lots of messy play, songs, games, music, bubbles and more!

  • Contains materials that are uniquely designed and hand made with fun in mind, providing age appropriate learning experiences. 

Lets get messy!

Why You'll Love our Classes

Muckypups is an excellent way for children to learn about the world through creative play. The benefits of baby and toddler classes, with age-appropriate sensory activities and learning experiences, are well-known for developing physical, social, emotional, motor, and language skills in children, to name but a few!

Your child will:

- Have access to a wide variety of different and engaging activities, materials, and equipment in a stimulating environment and will gain many new skills.

- Learn how to interact and communicate with others, to take turns and share!

- Be able to create, be free to explore and get messy, and express themselves, promoting emotional development.

- Learn to listen and engage in a group setting and develop language as they socialise.

- Learn to transition between activities and get ready for a more formal learning environment (pre-school).

Why your children will love Muckypups:

They can explore, create, use their imagination, make friends, sing, play, dance, blow bubbles, giggle, and make a mess! All while in a safe and happy environment following a structure that helps them learn and develop confidence.

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